Formula 1. Amendment of the Regulations to Facilitate Overtaking

The FIA are changing the regulations of Formula 1 to aid overtaking

Formula 1 has adopted last minute changes to its technical regulations to change the aerodynamics of the cars in 2019 to facilitate overtaking, said Tuesday the International Automobile Federation (FIA), despite the opposition of several teams .

Adopted on Monday, the deadline, by the Strategic Group, the F1 Commission and the World Motor Sport Council of the FIA, they follow two successive studies conducted to find ways to increase the number of overruns, judged too weak last season and at the Australian Grand Prix in March.

“These studies have indicated the high probability of a positive impact on race and overtaking in F1 and, as such, have been ratified for implementation in 2019,” says the FIA ​​in a statement.

A reform that makes debate

Among the changes made to the aerodynamics of cars, which aim, by reducing the flow of air, to allow them to follow one another more closely without excessive tire degradation in order to try more often to double, there is a simplification of the front wing.

It will be wider and will no longer have as currently many fins at its ends. In addition, the brake scoops will be deprived of aerodynamic appendages and the rear wing will be larger and deeper to optimize the effect of the DRS.

Red Bull, Renault and McLaren have expressed their opposition to these changes on the sidelines of the Azerbaijani GP this weekend in Baku, but the teams do not have the majority of the votes of the F1 Commission where they vote in particular. the FIA ​​and the owner of the commercial rights of F1, the American group Liberty Media.

However, it is necessary that at least four teams out of the ten in F1 approve a change of technical regulation for it to be validated.

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