Strike at the SNCF: 35% of the TGV will Circulate on Monday, 40% of TER and Transilien

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The strike at the SNCF continues with severe disruptions to the rail network

According to the management of the SNCF, 35% of the TGV will circulate Monday 23rd April while a new strike at the SNCF starts of the railway workers this Sunday evening. Details.

Train traffic will again be very disrupted Monday, April 23, with 35% of the TGV in circulation, 30% of Intercités, 40% of TER, RER and Transilien , said Sunday the boss of the SNCF, Guillaume Pepy.

“The strike is slowly eroding,” says Guillaume Pepy

These figures are close to those of the previous day of strike Wednesday, April 18, but Mr. Pepy assured the Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro that “the traffic will be improved” and that “the strike is eroding slowly”, mentioning a 60% strike rate among drivers versus more than 77% at the beginning of the movement.

The prolonged movement this summer?

According to Le Parisien, unions would consider extending the bumpy strike this summer, in July and August, if negotiations with the government, which are still at a standstill, fail.

“We are studying a timetable,” a union source told the newspaper.

“We want to warn the French as soon as possible so that they can organise their holidays.”

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