SNCF: 17.45% of Staff on Strike, Down but Still Strong mobilisation of Drivers

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Participation in the strike at the SNCF is down

Participation in the strike action at the SNCF is down this Monday 23rd April, 2018. But it remains strong among the train drivers.

SNCF announced on Monday that the amount of staff participating in the latest strike action, was down on the first day of the fifth strike, to 17.45%, the lowest rate reported since the beginning of the strike, but with a continued mobilisation of drivers, with strikers up to 62.6%.

On the previous day of strikes last Thursday, the rate of strikers was 22.73% ( 66.4% for drivers ). On April 3rd, the first day of the two-day strike by trade unions until the end of June, it reached 33.9% (77% of drivers).

Among the essential personnel for the movement of the trains, on Monday 48.7% of the controllers, and 24.4% of the controllers.

The mobilization of railway workers at the lowest

This figure of 17.45% is the lowest rate communicated by SNCF since the beginning of the strike – at least for the days of strike taking place on weekdays, the SNCF not communicating on the rates recorded at the weekend. According to her, the calculation base is too different since many of the staff working in the offices are not present.

For the ninth day of strike in total, the SNCF also counted 18.7% of strikers in maintenance, 20% in equipment, 12.2% in commercial agents and 6% for administrative staff .

In terms of traffic, the disturbances remained numerous on Monday , with three Transilien and TER out of seven in circulation, two TGV out of five and three Intercités out of ten, according to the forecasts of the SNCF.

In the Paris region, the RERs were to be strongly affected with, on average, between one train out of two (lines A and B) and one out of three (C, D and E) in circulation.

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