Paris: A Two Year Old Girl Dies Choking while Eating a Crêpe

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A two-year-old girl died in Paris after eating a crêpe.

A two-year-old Spanish girl, visiting Paris with her parents, died in the streets of Paris on Saturday. She choked eating a crêpe

A two-year-old girl passed away on Saturday afternoon in Paris . The girl, of Spanish nationality and visiting with her parents in the capital, choked on eating a pancake, reports Le Parisien . The drama took place around 2.40pm, Quai Branly, near the Eiffel Tower.

A discomfort in the street

The girl was walking with her parents when she felt sick on the street, swallowing a pancake. Passersby then gave the alert. Firefighters and police officers, quickly on the scene, unfortunately did not succeed, despite the efforts made, to save the girl.

The death was recorded at 3.15 pm The parents, in shock, were taken care of by the relief workers. An autopsy should be performed and an investigation was opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office.

At the end of March, in the Rhône, a six-year-old child had also died after eating a pancake at his school, while he was allergic to dairy products.

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