Nantes: Scheduled for Saturday night, the Night Carnival is Postponed

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The Night carnival in Nantes on Saturday 14th April has been postponed

The organising association Nemo postpones the carnival night. It believes that, due to the demonstrations planned on Saturday 14th April, in Nantes, it is difficult to assure its course in complete safety.

No floats or confetti, this Saturday night, in the streets of Nantes. The association Nemo, which is the organiser of the carnival, announces the postponement of the carnival night. Indeed, such a parade requires long preparations, but several demonstrations are planned in Nantes on Saturday afternoon: bikers, students, employees, and  supporters of the Zad .

It seems “difficult to make the necessary preparations for the carnival, as to ensure its conduct in the conditions of absolute safety to which its organizers are attached, said Nemo. This is obviously a disappointment for carnivals. Indeed, since September, thousands of volunteer hours have been preparing a colorful carnival for the people of Nantes. The sadness will be at the rendezvous in the big carnival family this Saturday night. “

For the moment, there is no new date chosen for this 2018 edition of the night carnival. Thursday, the mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland wished that the event, even postponed, can be held later. “No way to cancel, Nantes does not stop living. The carnival is a festive event that locals expect. “

In April 2016, after the protests against the Labour law, in Nantes, the night parade had already been postponed.

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