Charente: Anteles Recruite 150 Telesales at L’Isle-D’Espagnac

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Anteles recruits 150 telesales operators in L'isle-D'Espagnac, Charente

The call center at L’Isle-d’Espagnac expands and will open a new platform in mid-June. The company aims to increase its workforce from 220 to 370 by early 2019. And seeks, above all, smiles.

A large wall of placo has already been removed to create 1,100 m2 that will form the new platform. The Anteles call center, installed in the ZI No. 3 in L’Isle-d’Espagnac since 2011, has decided to expand. Work began on Wednesday and the new open space, urban jungle decor, should be operational by mid-June.
It remains to find the 150 telephone operators who will occupy the 108 new workstations. That almost doubles the capacity of this customer service call center, which currently employs up to 220 people, depending on the time of year, on 168 workstations, installed on a platform of 2,000 m2.

Anteles-Arvato was already talking 400 jobs when it opened, the company will have taken a little longer than expected to achieve this ambition. “When we started, we had a single client, a big media company, but in 2014, they went to work with others,” says Laurent Fillatreau, director of Anteles, a subsidiary of the German group Bertelsmann.

Fortunately, the call center had already begun to look for other baskets to put their eggs in and win new contracts in the insurance and public markets sector. “We then developed these new sectors, proven ourselves. And attracted more and more customers. We are working today for seven different insurance companies and four public services, “ says the director. A fifth public customer will soon increase this figure. “We have just won a public contract in the retirement sector ,  says the director.

“It is this new contract and the wish expressed by many of our current customers to see us grow that have pushed us to take the leap and to launch this investment of 1.3 million euros”. This additional activity is expected to occupy half of the positions of the new platform, Anteles seeks other contracts for the rest. But plans to have completed its 150 recruitments by the end of the first quarter of 2019. For this, it relies on its good relationship with Pôle emploi.

“We never had any difficulty recruiting,” says Laurent Fillatreau. We are aware that our jobs are difficult and demanding but Anteless increasingly relies on tools of well-being at work: sophrology sessions, 15-minute massages, relaxation corner installed in the cafeteria … “ An argument with which the company hopes, among other things, to attract candidates for hiring.

To apply

“We are primarily looking for people who have a smile and a sense of customer relationship,” says Laurent Fillatreau, director of Anteles. No minimum diploma required. The call center is mostly looking for “a posture. For some technical assistance posts, there is a demand for technical skill. For insurance, empathy. But Anteles focuses on the initial and ongoing training of its tele-operators.

To apply, simply send a CV and a letter of motivation to [email protected] “We then proceed in three stages: a first telephone contact, to see how the candidate behaves on the phone. A spelling test and a case simulation. And finally, a motivational interview. ”

Anteles in numbers

220 employees, 150 recruitments.
70% of women.
32 years of average age.
70% of CDI with ambition to go up to 80%.
A dozen different clients in the fields of public service and insurance.
20,000 hours of training provided in 2017.

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