Automobile: Is This Really the End of Diesel?

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Is this the end of diesel in France

Porsche has just announced the end of the diesel engine on its bestseller, the Macan SUV. And this is not an isolated case. Statements to this effect are multiplying.

The “Dieselgate” never stops making waves. This scandal, created by Volkswagen’s lie about the polluting emissions of its diesel engines , has discredited diesel as a whole. And since the politicians got involved in the debate, the spirits ignited: the diesel has become the beast to shoot down.

Recently, two German cities have declared their intention to ban diesel from 2020: Düsseldorf and Stuttgart – city of Mercedes, world leader in the production of diesel. Paris and Rome want to do the same in 2024.

Diesel has become the beast to kill

Result: builders anticipate a situation that now appears inevitable. By relaying the anti-diesel declarations, they precipitate the end of this type of engine for which they have nevertheless invested billions.

This decision is all the more surprising because the automobile industry is a sector with high inertia, where investments are made in the long term and are profitable only for decades. But the image prevails: the manufacturers would not want to go for anti-écolos, they who multiply the statements in favour of electric models. In any case, the investments on diesel have been halted net for a few months.

Porsche and Fiat concerned

Porsche surprises everyone by suddenly interrupting, during his career, the diesel version of his Macan . Version which, last year, represented nearly 50% of its sales in France. The attitude is school: Fiat has just made a staggering statement on the total abandonment of diesel in its range in 2022.

As for Toyota and Honda, they complete the life cycle of their current models with a diesel; but they will not renew this offer on future generations.

The next Honda CR-V coming out in two months will be without diesel, while last year, it sold in France to 92% (!) In diesel. As a replacement, there will be a hybrid-gasoline.

From diesel to gasoline, it’s 25 to 50% more consumption

This will not do any motorists. Because switching to gasoline leads to sharply rising consumption: + 25 to + 50%! With a fuel budget that will explode.

There is also no reason to be happy for the planet: the emissions of carbon dioxide that depend solely on consumption will increase in the same proportions …

As for the hybrid, all those who make long motorway journeys will not feel the benefits: it is especially in the city that hybridization reduces the appetite for fuel.

Diesel has never been so clean

Ironically, diesel has never been less polluting. With the systems it has (particulate filter + nitrogen oxides filter), it releases about the same amount of pollutants as the gasoline engine.

All manufacturers who obey without cheating current standards have diesels that do not pollute more than gasoline engines. Doubt has crept in. And political decisions take everything in their path. Sometimes to the detriment of more nuanced truths …

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