Weather in Normandy: Mixture of Sun, Showers and Gales

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The weather forecast for Normandy this Tuesday 20th March

WEATHER FORECAST: Meteo France is forecasting a mixture of a day for Normandy, comprising of Sunshine, showers and a gale as well …

This Tuesday 20th March, 2018, the 79th day of the year, Meteo France is forecasting a mixture of weather for Normandy comprising of sunshine, showers and a gale.

Nothing like a few rays of sunshine for the first day of spring . And that’s good because Meteo France announces the sky will be clearer this morning allowing the sunshine to shine through, still interspersed with a few possible showers in the middle of the day though and gales that could reach 50 km/h.

As for the spring temperatures, it will take a little patience. The temperatures today will remain firmly in winter with minus 2 degrees in the morning and 8 degrees at best in the afternoon.

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