Toulouse: Here is the New Hotel that will Open in the Place de l’Europe

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The Student Hotel will integrate the building of the old barracks of Compans-Caffarelli in the heart of Toulouse

Place de l’Europe will be amputated by 2020, in Toulouse. The urban project includes the realisation of a mixed hotel which we present the very first image.

The former military barracks of Compans-Caffarelli currently houses services of the Toulouse town hall .From the first half of 2019, work will begin to transform the dilapidated building into a hotel. Two buildings will be built right in front of the barracks, on the Place de l’Europe, to complete this hotel project carried by the group The Student Hotel.

Housing shared by students and tourists

It is  in spring 2021 that this establishment could open its doors, according to the calendar communicated by the developer Icade in charge of carrying out the project. The image we share here shows this project with the building of the former elevated barracks and the construction of the two buildings.

The Student Hotel in Toulouse will combine two offers, with the objective of offering  accommodation to students  during the school year. Accommodation that can be then offered to tourists during the summer.

Roof terrace with swimming pool

Icade details the project:

“It will include hotel rooms and studios for students, young professionals, international travellers and entrepreneurs. The vast ground floor has been designed as a place of life open to the public and especially to the inhabitants of the neighbourhood. It will offer a wide range of luxury services such as study and play areas , meeting rooms , a restaurant-bar and a gym. (…) The common areas will include a café / bar , a snack bar with takeaway, a working café and a gym .”

According to Icade, “the rooms will have a retro-chic design, combining historic elements with modern furnishings and furnishings. The property will have a roof terrace with swimming pool designed to create entertainment for guests and residents.

A digital campus will emerge

The hotel is part of a global project for the place of Europe. Project that took shape in 2016 and 2017 and which will have the effect of amputating the largest square of Toulouse of a large part of its surface.

In addition to the arrival of this hotel, the project has established the establishment of a digital campus . It is the Ynov school that will settle in two buildings that will be built in the square on the side of the Japanese Garden. One will be composed of “teaching premises dedicated to new technologies”. The other will offer a “co-working space”. Already present in Toulouse in premises located in Minimes, Ynov school wishes to host a thousand students  on this site by 2020.

The place of Europe will be nibbled

All in all, four buildings will be built on the Place de l’Europe , two for the hotel project and two for the digital campus project. Projects that will decrease the size of the square from about 20,000 m 2 to about 12,000 m 2 …

The former barracks being raised, the four buildings built on the square will  not exceed four floors, at the request of residents (in a previous project, Icade provided for the maintenance of the barracks and the construction of two buildings of six and seven floors,  editor’s note ). The central space of the Place de l’Europe would remain accessible to the public, according to the first announcements.

Over the last two years, the project of the Place de l’Europe has provoked many debates, sometimes lively, with the residents. It has been amended several times, before accelerating in the fall of 2017.

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