SNCF: Here are the Dates of the 36 Days of Strike

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36 dates of strike action announced by SNCF workers

From the 3rd April to 28th June, railway workers are planning a 36-day strike during the spring break and the long weekends in May to defend their status. Here are the dates.

A  strike at the SNCF , in full during the spring break and  the May bridges . The railway workers want to strike hard to defend their status that the government wants to revoke.

They planned no less than 36 days of strike between April 3 and June 28. 

You planned to take the train on this period? Here is the mobilization schedule:

  • In April  : Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th, (early holidays zone A), Sunday 8th, Monday 9th, Friday 13th, Saturday 14th, (early holidays zone C), Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th, (early holidays zone B) , Monday 23 , Tuesday 24, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29.
  • In May:  Thursday 3, Friday 4, Tuesday 8 (holiday), Wednesday 9,  (public holiday), Sunday 13, Monday 14, Friday 18, Saturday 19, (public holiday) , Wednesday 23, Thursday 24, Monday 28 and Tuesday 29.
  • In June:  Saturday 2, Sunday 3, Thursday 7, Friday 8, Tuesday 12, Wednesday 13, Sunday 17, Monday 18, Friday 22, Saturday 23, Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28.

5 thoughts on “SNCF: Here are the Dates of the 36 Days of Strike

  1. I need to travel from Argeles to Agde (or Beziers ) on Monday 18th June 2018 to fly to UK, but this is a “strike day”. Will ALL trains be affected, and is there a bus I can use? Can anyone give me this information please?

    Bus services in France seem very thinly spread and untourist friendly.

    1. From what I understand, in June, the strike days already scheduled are: Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd, Thursday 7th, Friday 8th, Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th, Sunday 17th, Monday 18th, Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd, Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th. The best option is to contact SNCF direct, either at the Station or on their website to try and find out locally what the situation will be.

      I imagine that some trains during the day will be running, as this seems the case across the whole of the country, although coverage is patchy. Some times SNCF is putting on bus services to help, but again this is generally localised and on popular routes.

      Hope this helps.

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