It is Forbidden to use Restaurant Tickets on Sunday: An Employee Caught

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It is forbidden to use restaurant tickets on Sundays

At the end of February, the labour inspectorate pinpointed an employee who had used his restaurant vouchers illegally. Reminder of the law.

You may not know it, but you do not have the right to use your restaurant vouchers on Sundays and public holidays . Why ? Because these means of payment allow employees to eat during their meal break and the majority of them do not work those days.

The labour inspectorate has decided to remind the boss of a Parisian SME, says Challenges . On Tuesday, 28th February, he received a letter of no less than nine pages, reproaching an illegal use of restaurant vouchers by one of his employees. Dates, places, amounts … the inspector details carefully the offense and recalls this very strict regulation.

The boss does not return. “I thought a gag, it’s so ridiculous! Labor inspectors should not be very busy right now, he tells our colleagues. Personally, I did not know there were days when you could not use his restaurant vouchers. Everyone I know uses them anytime. ”

The law is very clear

The law is clear: Article R3262-8 of the Labor Code states that “restaurant vouchers are not usable on Sundays and public holidays, unless otherwise decided by the employer to the exclusive benefit of employees working during these same days “.

The head of the company decided not to follow up and risk a fine.

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