Energy: The Third Wind Farm will soon come out of the ground in the Argentan region

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The third wind farm in the Argentan area will be completed this year

Eleven wind turbines will come out of the ground in the Argentan region in the area of ​​Rânes, Saint-Brice-sous-Rânes and Saint-George-d’Annebecq. The project, launched almost 10 years ago, will end this year.

The municipality of Rânes, in the Pays d’ Argentan , will host the third wind farm of the Orne. 11 large 140-meter wind turbines will grow during the year.

These immense pylons, made of reinforced concrete for this site, and the rotors which are on them should be able to provide 39 GWh / year which corresponds to enough electricity, except for heating, of 26 000 people.

Endless delays

The area of Rânes will see the light in a few months, however, the project is not new. In particular, associations that attacked the building permit. “An association has even been to the Council of State. But the problem is solved, “says Abdelkrim Djeha, the construction manager.

Between the purchase of land, the building permit, legal delays and the construction itself, a wind farm costs money and a lot of time.

“But, soon, laws will pass to minimize these delays. In all other European countries, the construction time is 4 years. This is particularly the case in Germany or Belgium. Only in France does building a wind turbine take a decade. “

1,200 ton wind turbines

Currently, Abdelkrim Djeha’s teams are preparing the arrival of the exceptional convoys that will bring the wind turbines into the field. “We build roads that are strong enough to accommodate wind turbines. They will arrive at small ends, and it is directly on the site that we will mount them. ”

Note that it is the local earthworks company TTA Joué-du-Bois that is responsible for building these famous roads. An important aspect of the site. Indeed, each wind turbine weighs about 1,200 tons (taking into account the base which is underground).

The park will be connected to a post at La Ferté-Macé. The eleven wind turbines will be divided into two sites: one to the north and the other to the south of Rânes, which will be home to five and six wind turbines respectively. And it is at the beginning of the summer that the assembly, strictly speaking, of the wind turbines should begin.

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