Toulouse: From the Rarest to the Most Cute, 2,000 Dogs to Discover at the Parc des Expositions

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2,000 dogs will be exhibiting in Toulouse, from Saturday 24 to Sunday, February 25, 2018.

Dog Alert: 2,000 dogs of all sizes and breeds will be shown on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of February 2018 at the Toulouse Exhibition Centre.

Poodles and mastiffs, small and large, long hairs and short hairs: all representatives of the canine class were given an appointment Saturday, 24th and Sunday 25th February, 2018 at the Exhibition Center for the 76th international canine exhibition of Toulouse.

2,000 dogs on show

This great international event will bring together the most beautiful specimens, the rarest – and therefore the most expensive – but also the most popular and loved. 2,000 dogs will be presented in two stages : molossoids, hunting and companion dogs, on Saturdays; Shepherd dogs, Terriers, Dachshunds and Greyhounds Sunday.

The contest of the most cute

Coming from France and abroad, these dogs will compete in front of an international jury for the Certificate of Fitness at the International Beauty Championships. On the big ring of honor, will be presented and parade the best couples – an extension of Valentine’s day doggie version – lots of affix, breeding, packs …

The competitions will punctuate the days and will allow to designate the best presenter, the best young, the most cute puppy (or puppy in VF), the Baby, but also the veteran, and of course the Champion by race.

From Swiss Bouviers to Dalmatians

Owning a purebred dog, as recalled on its website the Canine Association of Haute-Garonne (SCHG), which drives the event this weekend, reflects a desire to “choose a dog whose characteristics are known. physical and general character, aptitudes and which we know will match our way of life and our character. 

The most noble, the rarest but also the most appreciated by the public can be admired, from Swiss Mountain Dogs to the Great Dane, through the Rottweiler, the Boxer, the Saint Bernard , the German and English Mastiffs, the Dobermans, the Bassets Hounds, Dalmatians …

A happiness for children

Many activities will be offered, and it is at the Parc des Expositions that the owners of a dog will go to “confirm” it, ie to check with a judge of the race or an expert-confirmator of its conformity to the standard of its breed.

Above all, children will love walking in these alleys and raving in front of irresistible puppies or imposing German shepherds , and breeders will enjoy sharing their passion and explain the characteristics and personalities of the animals they raise.

76 th International Dog Show Toulouse
Saturday 24 and Sunday, February 25, 2018,
the exhibition,
9 am Opening 18h
Prices: 6 €, 8 € for both days, free for children under 12 years.
Warning: no sale of puppies during the exhibition.

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