Jobs in Antarctica

French Polar Institute offering jobs in Antarctica

The French Polar Institute research biologists, engineers, a baker, a boilermaker … for a winter on its bases in Antarctica, in Crozet, Kerguelen …

The French Polar Institute launches, as every year, a recruitment drive to work in the Antarctica, Arctic or sub-Antarctic islands.

To attract candidates to extreme cold (- 5 ° to + 5 ° in summer and -20 ° to -30 ° in winter), the institute disseminates a series of short videos (every Monday for six weeks) that can discover the different trades, daily wintering birds, beautiful landscapes …

First video

Airs this Monday 15th January 15, 2018, the first video call on Claire mechanic at Dumont d’Urville station in Antarctica:

This post is for a period of twelve months .

In total, the Polar Institute research more than thirty profiles :

  • biologist at Kerguelen
  • biologist in Crozet
  • baker at Dumont D’Urville
  • boilermaker at Dumont d’Urville
  • electronics in Amsterdam Saint paul
  • coordinator Kerguelen
  • cook Dumont D’Urville

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