Emmanuel Macron Gives His First Vows to the French

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Emmanuel Macron at the signing of three laws, December 30, 2017 at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

Sunday, December 31, 2017, at 8pm, Emmanuel Macron present his wishes to the French, the first of his five years in a more positive context for the head of state.

Emmanuel Macron this Sunday at 8pm on television, radio and on the internet the first greeting to the French of his five-year, amid strong revival for him in the polls and economic and social indicators ironed green.

The head of state has chosen to maintain this tradition televised greeting in force since Charles de Gaulle. As in previous years, the image of the front of the Elysée Palace on background Marseillaise precede to 8pm on the dot his speech. Offices or gardens? The Elysee wants to maintain the suspense until the end of the frame to be selected.

Actions to “continue”

On the merits, “the head of state will insist on solidarity thoughts to those who, in this time of family celebrations, sometimes alone or in trouble,” said Saturday the government spokesman Benjamin GRIVEAUX .

“It will also give meaning to the action that has been committed and action that will continue,” according to the spokesman.

The president should also emphasize that reforms continue at a high pace throughout the five year period.

“This is a first step, but a five-year term with five years and we intend to use the remaining four years to transform the country.”

Signed three laws live

If the vows are usually an exercise in pedagogy, some presidents used the opportunity to ads. Hollande announced his “pact of responsibility” with business December 31, 2013 and end of 2015, his plan for 500,000 more people in vocational training.

But just returned a few days of vacation in the Pyrenees, Emmanuel Macron has it reinvested the media field on Saturday, holding the cameras in a three laws signing ceremony – 2018 budget, social security financing law and legislation that ends the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons by 2040.

He took the opportunity to announce the abolition of Taxe d’Habitation for all as part of a reform in 2020 . He also summarized the social and economic measures next year: increase the allocation disabled adult, the minimum pension, aid for child care for single parents and reduction of social contributions of employees.

And again, he defended the transformation of the wealth tax, which “will not tax the entrepreneurs of our country who decide to reinvest what they have earned in our economy and creating jobs” .

Back to School Seminar

Among the projects in progress, the head of the state should reconsider including the reform of unemployment insurance, he wants to extend to self and resigned, and the development of vocational training and learning.

Also on the menu, the draft law on asylum and immigration, constitutional reform, transformation of enterprises, the policy of housing, food and transportation. Not to mention the thorny decision on Notre-Dame-des-Landes announced before the end of January.

These reforms will be at a government seminar reentry menu Wednesday, just after the first Council of Ministers in 2018.

Popularity rating up

Emmanuel Macron presents his wishes in an economic environment which is recovering, as in Europe. Unemployment fell in November to its lowest level in three years, a drop fell steeply face an early controversy over control of the unemployed.

INSEE has raised its growth forecast for 2017 to 1.9% (1.1% in 2016). The Elysée hopes to a decline in unemployment point end of 2018, to 8.5%, according to a consultant.

Politically, the sky is clear for now. The popularity of the president, falling in September, is clearly rising. The reform of the labor code and the reduction of the tax on wealth passed without strong protest. And the Constitutional Council has just approved most of the budget.

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