Malcolm Young has Died, the founder of AC/DC Aged 64

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Malcolm Young, AC / DC guitarist has died aged 64 years old

DEATH: The Australian guitarist, Malcolm Young ,is the founder of one of the greatest rock bands of the last few decades …

Malcom Young has died . The guitarist of the hard rock band, AC/DC  which he founded in 1973 with his brother Angus Young, was suffering from dementia for several years. He was born in 1953 in Scotland but was an Australian citizen.

The group announced the death of Malcolm Young on Saturday 18th November.

The death of Malcolm Young comes just weeks after his brother George . All the Young brothers were or are musicians, but Malcolm was originally, with his younger brother Angus, the legendary hard rock band AC/DC. In its statement, the group welcomed a “composer, guitarist, performer, producer and visionary who has inspired us a lot. ”

A brother in mourning

“As a brother, it is difficult to express in words what he meant to me during my life, the relationship we had was unique and very special,” responded Angus Young on Facebook touting the huge “legacy music “that leaves his brother behind.

Malcolm Young suffered for several years from a neurodegenerative disease and dementia. In 2014, he had to leave the band for treatment in a specialized clinic in Sydney, Australia. His nephew Stevie Young replacing him since, as he replaced him in 1988 for a US tour. Fans unanimously validate the choice of replacing the capacity of Stevie Young to imitate the style of his uncle, in particular by playing the same guitar that he, a Gretsch 1963 JetFire Bird.

Composer and author with his brother Angus, of all the songs of AC/DC for nearly 30 years, Malcolm Young had a great blues culture and saw himself as a follower of the great hours of rock’n’roll 1950 During the concerts of the group, Malcolm Young has always been more withdrawn than his brother Angus, untenable true showman in his schoolboy outfit, but assured the most technical guitar parts.

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