Weather in Lorient: Cloudy Saturday, Cloudy Sunday

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The weekend weather for Lorient is forecast to be cloudy

The anticyclone, centered on France, continues to block the active disturbed flow in the central Atlantic, which will cause a cloudy weekend for Lorient


Fog and mist at dawn and in the early morning evolving favorably with the return of decorated cloudy morning in high altitude sails. Sun generous, altitude and sails smoothly on mid-day. In the afternoon, continuing over the south of Brittany enjoy a generous sun in spite of high altitude sails in connection with an undulating front Channel. Probability of marine mist throughout the afternoon on Groix and the coastal border. very low wind industry is in the morning and midday veering west in the afternoon. Fort Blocked: beautiful sea. Low: 3 / 4 degrees; maximum: 11 / 12 degrees; (1 / 2 degrees to 11 / 12 degrees inland). Clear preceding misty formations; 7 degrees at 8pm and 5 degrees at midnight.


Mists morning before a very sunny morning and midday despite sometimes thick veils high altitude. In the afternoon, the attenuated front that descends from Normandy to Brittany generates a cloudy sky covered the northern half of the Morbihan (cumulus dark enough, even layer with rare drizzle) while thinning, still present on Lorient and the coastal border are replaced after 4pm by a cloud layer becoming more compact. very low wind veering west northwest in the afternoon. Fort Blocked: beautiful sea. Low: 3 / 4 degrees; maximum: 11 / 12 degrees (2 / 3  degrees to 11 / 12 degrees inland). Partly cloudy; 10 degrees at 8pm and 8 degrees at midnight.

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