High Tides in Normandy: Up to 107 Coefficient for Five Days

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High tides for the next five days in Normandy

The High tides are back, from 3rd to 7th November 2017. In Normandy, we report on the coefficients, schedules, precautions …

The high tides are back: from the 3rd to 7th November 2017, the coefficients exceed 100 to 107 Sunday, November 5th 2017. Here are details of the schedules in Normandy, and some advice caution .

Up to 107 coefficient

The tidal coefficients exceed 100 from Saturday 4 to Tuesday, November 7, 2017, with a maximum of 107 high tide Sunday night.

The coefficients of 106 and 107, Saturday and Sunday should particularly go to Mont Saint-Michel island its character at the time of the open sea.

Safety Advice

The maritime prefecture of the Channel and the North Sea  (Premar), on the occasion of these tides, renews precautionary it gives every time. The phenomenon, especially when held during a weekend, attracts many people on the coast, especially fishermen walking and walkers.

The Premar recalls that “the tides make the strongest ocean currents and the most dangerous sea, increasing the tidal range and causing higher water brewing”

“A few minutes can sometimes be enough to find themselves isolated by the tide (tide) and the sea temperature in this season reduced the survival time of a person caught by the flood.”

Some recommendations:

  • Look, before any output at sea or on the coast, the weather, the coefficients and the tide times (and “if necessary, to explain what it means contrètement” adds the Premar).
  • Do not go out alone and inform his family of his intentions.
  • Do not forget a means of communication (telephone) to alert if needed, rescue.

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