Nabilla has “Cinema Projects” Coming Soon

Nabilla presented the weather on the show Friday anything goes.

TELEVISION: After reality TV, chronicles and books, the star of reality TV, Nabilla Benattia is about to embark on cinema …

Nabilla benattia, jack-of-all who had made a small appearance in the French trailer of Orange is the new Black would have got a role in the movie. This is certainly what she said on the show Further investigation , aired Thursday evening on France 2.

The star of reality TV show that is still in The Incredible Adventures of Nabilla and Thomas Australia , broadcast every night on NRJ12, does not want to settle for television appearances and product placements on social networks (it combines all the same 2.6 million subscribers on Instagram …

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It revealed the presenter Thomas Sotto have “cinema projects”, before adding that they would “be realized at least March. I’m in a movie or two. It offers me things. There are some that I refuse if that is not what I want to do, “she said.

A “generational story”

As for the subject of his adventures on the big screen, the partner of Thomas Vergara has nevertheless conceded precision: “It will be a generational story. “Remember, she had already said in 2016:” Television, at least at present, no longer interests me. I’m 24 and sometimes I feel like I’m 107 so I used all the strings of the TV! Today, I want something else and that is play-acting , for the pleasure of not being me for a few hours. “

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