A Major Failure on Facebook and Instagram

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A major failure affected Facebook and Instagram users

SOCIAL NETWORKS: The situation is slowly returning to normal …

Social networks Facebook and Instagram stopped working for many users around the world on Wednesday late afternoon (Paris time).

Global bug which is still unknown cause. Most of the difficulties are concentrated in North West Europe and especially France , but also in the United States. Worse, the tab to see real-time poor access to Facebook, was not himself accessible.

World outage

Estimates from the Site Down Detector , about 40% of Facebook users no longer have access to the platform. On Instagram, some users are not able to see their lead.

On Twitter, the hashtag “#Facebookdown” shows that users of all nationalities are affected. The situation seemed to gradually return to normal shortly after 7pm that Wednesday.

The causes of this failure are unknown for the time. Maintenance or a data centre which broke, even cyberattack, all assumptions are on the table.

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