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I have decided to try out Linux on one of our computers to see what all the fuss is about.

After a bit of research on the net, I have decided to try out Ubuntu Linux 8.10 Hardy Heron Version.

I downloaded it and wrote it to CD, then you have a Live CD version to try out before you install it, which is a very good idea. Anyway it seems alright, not sure about the colour scheme, but that can always be changed so I decide to install.

Well after the install process which was quite simple and straight forward, how is it ? Not bad but it seems to be a bit more sluggish than when windows XP was installed which has surprised me as Linux is meant to be faster.

Next problem, Ubuntu doesn’t come with any Codecs so they need downloading and installing first. Then it all hangs up.

After consulting the forums (very helpful) on the other computer, they advise a full re-install, changing the amount of space for the swap file. So away we go again.

Back up and running and this time Firefox 3, is now causing problems and it is just impossible to surf the internet, and the whole thing feels “sluggish” and “buggy”.

Enough is enough, and although tempted to go back to windows, I have found out about another distro called PCLinuxOS2008 (PCLOS) so have just downloaded it and will fiddle with this one instead.

Will keep you updated shortly.

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