A Fire Destroyed a Building in Paris: A Woman and Two Firefighters Injured

Local News
The fire occurred in the seventeenth arrondissement of Paris.

A fire tore through an apartment building that night in the seventeenth arrondissement of Paris. It could be a voluntary act, caused by a suicidal woman.

A major fire occurred last night around 1 am in the seventeenth arrondissement of Paris, according to the Paris fire brigade.

“Three people were injured, one seriously. The fire started on the ground floor before spreading the stairs to the sixth floor and the cage roof of a building at the corner of Helena and Lemercier “ . Firefighters quickly made major means of intervention.

According to Le Parisien, a woman was found injured in the district and has confessed to have causing the fire, by trying to set herself on fire. Two firefighters suffered minor injuries.

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