Toulouse: A Family Decides to Live in a Chateau… A Water One

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A family have bought a disused water tower in Toulouse

UNUSUAL: In the upscale neighborhood of Cote Pavee, Toulouse, an old disused water tower has just been sold by the city to individuals who want to make their house …

A building as high as four floors purchased for 143,000 euros at the Cote Pavee, one of the highest rated residential districts of Toulouse, what a dream ii is not ?  Except that this family chateau is an old water tower.

Disused since 1984, the discrete reservoir – sprayed in graffiti, a bit run down and surrounded by lush vegetation – is part of the “unusual” Municipal assets without any use which the town hall decided to get rid of.

This water tower Cote Pavee, Toulouse, will become a dwelling house
This water tower Cote Pavee, Toulouse, will become a dwelling house. – H. Menal

The City of Toulouse, received four bids for the water tower. The first three mainly leered field and planned to demolish the building. “A developer wanted to build even a small building,” says Roger Atsarias Councilor in charge of heritage.

Rehabilitate rather than demolish

But it is the project of family house which has prevailed. “We liked the spirit and the opportunity to make a rehabilitation keeping the structure,” says the one. This option was also preferred by residents. The water tower has been sold at the price set by the  Service des Domaines, although other deals offered more.

In the plans presented by the purchasers, the water tower is a round four-storey house with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. The living rooms are on the top floor and communicate with an outside terrace.

The town has no more water towers in reserve. But a new sale, this time auction, scheduled for November including a small building of 100 m2 at  Lascrosses Boulevard in Compans Caffarelli . Starting price of 180,000 euros.

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