Brittany: Earthquake of 2.7 Magnitude Felt near Plomodiern

Local News
An earthquake was registered this Wednesday, June 14 near Plomodiern (Finistère).

The earthquake struck on Wednesday morning at around 7 am. The epicenter of this small earthquake is located 4 km southwest of Plomodiern (Finistère).

An earthquake was felt on Wednesday morning at 4 km southwest of Plomodiern (Finistère) . A magnitude 2.7 jolt, according to the CEA information (Commission for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies).

Location, compared to nearby cities:

4 km southwest of Plomodiern .

4 km northwest of Plonevez-Porzay .

7 km north of Douarnenez.

14 km west-southwest of Chateaulin .

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