Iran: Rohani asks Macron not to Follow the Path of Trump

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Hassan Rohani asks Emmanuel Macron not to follow same path as Trump

Emmanuel Macron and Hassan Rohani had a telephone conversation on Monday during which the Iranian president expressed with his French counterpart hope that Europe does not align with the position of Donald Trump on Iran.

In Saudi Arabia this weekend and then in Israel Monday, Donald Trump has stepped up verbal attacks against Iran , calling him including to immediately stop its support to “terrorists”.  “The Islamic Republic is ready to cooperate at all levels with other countries, including France, to combat terrorism and resolve the Syrian crisis”, said Hassan Rohani to Emmanuel Macron according to comments reported by the Iranian news agency Irna.

The French president called his Iranian counterpart to congratulate him on his re-election, according to IRNA. “We should bring peace and stability in the region. We hope Europe will not fall into the trap of countries defending their misinterpretation of the region “, also said Hassan Rohani during this conversation.

In a statement released Saturday night, Emmanuel Macron has welcomed the re-election of Hassan Rohani, which strengthens in his hopes of a rigorous application of the international agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. Donald Trump is very critical of the agreement concluded in 2015 by several international powers, including the United States and France, on stopping the Iranian nuclear weapons program in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions against Tehran.

Then led by François Hollande, France had been particularly strong with regard to Iran in the negotiations leading to this agreement. Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, Paris advocates sidelining of Bachar al Assad while Tehran supports the Syrian president.

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