Cycling. … Lance Armstrong announces he is not dead

Lance Armstrong denies the rumor of his death.

The former American cyclist Lance Armstrong has posted a video on his Instagram account to announce that he was not dead and silence the US News and rumors sites.

“The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated” (The rumors of my death are Greatly exaggerated) Citing the famous American author Mark Twain, Lance Armstrong has denied the rumor that had announced his death.

In other times, the disgraced seven-time winner of the Tour de France has denied information that were proven true, such as the use of doping and EPO.  But in this case it is difficult not to believe.

The disinformation comes from the site  accustomed for fake news and information of a sensationalist nature. The former champion is still bothered to deny this disinformation like some trash. Was he shocked? Or he wants to show he is still in the saddle?

“The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.” – Mark Twain

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