Orly airport: A Man Shot after Stealing the Weapon of a Soldier

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A nan shot at Orly airport, after stealing soldiers gun

A man was shot dead Saturday 18th March at Orly airport, having stolen the gun of a soldier, according to the Interior Ministry.

A man was killed Saturday morning by security forces at Orly South Airport (Val-de-Marne) after stealing a weapon of a soldier on operation Sentinel, in force, since France faces a unprecedented terrorist threat two years ago.

Around 8.30am on Saturday in Hall 1 from Orly South Airport “a man stole a gun of a soldier as part of operation Sentinel then took refuge in a business from the nearby airport before being shot by security forces “ , told AFP the spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior Pierre-Henry Brandet. There were no injuries, do we have the same source. “Strongly shocked”, the three soldiers from the Sentinel operation referred to Orly Saturday were supported by relief, according to police sources.

The airport evacuated

A operation from the bomb squad was ongoing after the shooting to determine whether the man was carrying any explosive. A security perimeter was established and significant police resources have been committed. The attack also led to the evacuation of nearly 3,000 people from the south terminal and containment of those present at the west terminal, according to the Ministry of Interior. All flights have been suspended by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Earlier in the morning, around 7 am, a man shot a policeman in Stains (Seine-Saint-Denis) during a traffic stop, before taking flight, told AFP a source close to the case. Police have established a link between the two cases.

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