Nearly 47 Million Registered on the Electoral Lists for 2017 Elections

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Nearly 47 million French people are registered on the electoral lists for the 2017 elections

ELECTIONS: In total, 1,562,000 new voters were registered for the presidential and legislative elections in 2017…

The French are more likely to be able to vote in 2017. The electoral lists, revised in view of the deadlines of the presidential and legislative elections in 2017, reaching nearly 47 million voters, said the Ministry of Interior on Wednesday.

The electorate is divided between 45,678,000 subscribers in France, 88.6% of major French residing in the territory and 1.3 million French citizens living outside France registered on the consular electoral lists.

1,562,000 new voters were registered

For the only voter in France, the revision has increased the number of registered voters by 824,000 people, an increase of 1.8%. “This increase in enrollment reflects the strong interest of voters for the elections of 2017,” commented Interior Ministry in a statement. In total, 1,562,000 new voters were registered.

Among the new entrants, “the young up to 18 years, who are automatically enrolled on the lists represent 716,000 registrations” and “the number of voters who made the step to register for the first time the end of 2016 (383.000 voters) or after a period of non-registration (463,000 voters) was up sharply compared to 2015, “he added.

Online registration, used by 660,000 people in 2016, had “a real success” particularly because of the extension of the number of connected Communes (5772 communes representing 36,123,951 inhabitants). On the last day, December 31st, the deadline for registration as voters, 49,575 requests were made.

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