Super Bowl: Lady Gaga puts on a Show with a Message of Tolerance

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The singer Lady Gaga, dressed in a metallic bustier, during the show of the halftime of the Super Bowl.

The pop diva Lady Gaga has sent a message of tolerance during the traditional show at halftime of the Super Bowl, the highly anticipated final of the National Football League (NFL), Sunday night in Houston, Texas.

On on the roof of NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, Lady Gaga, dressed in a metallic bustier, began her show by singing very patriotic “God Bless America” and “This Land is Your Land” which particularly recall that the United States ” a nation of liberty and justice for all “ .

Suspended by ropes, the American singer of Italian origin was then thrown into the void to join after the acrobatics scene set up on the lawn where a few minutes earlier clashed players of the Atlanta Falcons and Patriots New England.

In a deluge of special effects, she then sang his greatest hits including “Poker Face”, “Born This Way” or “Just Dance”.

“Hello Houston, hello the world, we are here to make you feel good”, singing, sitting at a piano.

A show watched around the world

After thirteen minutes of a colorful spectacle and spectacular but without her usual dress or stage extravaganzas, Lady Gaga, perched on a staircase, concluded her performance by throwing her microphone and launching one last time into the vacuum.

The halftime show of the Super Bowl is presented as the most watched show in the world with over 110 million viewers in the United States.

“The only statement that I will do for my show are those that I have made consistently throughout my career”, explained this week by Lady Gaga, icon of the gay and transgender community, while the United States is experiencing strong Donald Trump tensions after the election.

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