Olympic Games: LA and Paris Open to the World, Budapest Waits

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Paris starts the campaign to host the 2024 Olympic Games

This Friday marks the start of the campaign set by the IOC to host the Olympic Games in 2024. Paris and Los Angeles (United States) will launch their communication strategy, Budapest (Hungary) will have to wait a referendum before deciding.

Los Angeles and Paris, candidate cities for the 2024 Olympics, are preparing to leave their weapons in terms of international communication Friday, campaign start date set by the IOC, which will simultaneously receive the third and final part of their folder. Budapest will wait for mid-February before launching. The promoters of the Hungarian candidacy, threatened by a popular initiative referendum, have decided to devote this time to “demonstrate to Budapest residents how the Olympics could improve their lives” .

The three cities were far constraints to a large reserve in the promotion of their case outside their territory and prudent language convolutions with IOC members. A little more than seven months of the election on 13th September in Lima (Peru), the brakes will be removed. Specifically, the ambassadors of the candidates will be able to address a foreign audience, use sporting events with an international audience to expose media-and especially going into details of their case with the hundreds of Olympians expected to vote in Peru practice better known as the lobbying name.

Teddy Riner is one of the figureheads of the organization in Paris in 2024, Olympic Games
Teddy Riner is one of the figureheads of the organization in Paris in 2024. Olympic Games | KMSP / Paris 2024

A last possible direct dialogue

For the first time, candidates may rely on the Olympic Channel, launched last summer on the Internet. “The basic rules remain the same as in the past” – respect for the opponent, time of equity, etc …- said Christophe Dubi, director of the Games to the IOC, “but it gives cities the opportunity to use the Olympic chain to minimize costs, “ campaign continues Jacqueline Barrett, assistant director in charge of nominations.

This Friday, at the hour of the opening of the trial, the IOC also received the final chapter of applications. Dedicated to the heritage and delivery of the Games, it will give a concrete picture of the place of the Olympic fortnight and during his Paralympic logistically: transport, accommodation, security, experience of athletes and spectators …

Kevin Mayer, the Olympic decathlon silver medalist, is one of the ambassadors of the Paris 2024 project
Kevin Mayer, the Olympic decathlon silver medalist, is one of the ambassadors of the Paris 2024 project | KMSP / Paris 2024

“In phase three, the concept, the vision are defined. So this is really the time when cities can discuss with members “ , took Jacqueline Barrett. The backrest 3 is also one in which is stated that the legacy let the games offered. Imposed since the early 2000s by the IOC, the notion of lasting legacy became one of the first criteria of choice for voters. The objective is assumed to avoid expensive games, designed not exist a fortnight before leaving colossal debts to the organizing countries like those of Athens.

 The five pillars of heritage

The legacy based on five pillars to the IOC eyes: infrastructure and nature preserve, resource management, mobility, human resources and climate. “We learned a lot from the past” , says Christophe Dubi. “Science and social context has changed. In Athens, we had difficulty force the government not to develop permanent sites. The IOC lever at the time of the organizers was not one today. Today we demand application phase a heritage plan for each site that was not the case at the time. “

Los Angeles and Paris, the two favorite candidates to observers, had no trouble answering. Their infrastructure is built essentially already “inherited” Californian 1984 Games for the first. Budapest, she will have to apply to convince the utility of perennial equipment provided. But the legacy is not only equipment and intangible but solid and society in terms of jobs, sport or environment. Much more difficult to assess criteria for IOC members who will receive the candidates in hearing in July in Lausanne last rehearsal before the big oral Lima.

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