Property Prices Continue to Rise in Major Cities, including Bordeaux

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Property prices in the major cities of France are rising

REAL ESTATE: The MeilleursAgents site indicates a sharp rise in property prices in January 2017, amid rising interest rates, except in Lille where the measurement of rent control would affect …

According to the new edition of the monthly survey of real estate prices of , soaring property prices in major cities of France continued in January 2017, particularly in Bordeaux . “Based on the sales agreements signed between 1 and 31 January 2017 which will be transformed into authentic instruments in the next 3 months, this barometer is a leading indicator of changes in property prices” indicates the site MeilleursAgents .

“All cities have seen their average prices increase sharply in January 2017 in Lyon except by accident and especially cyclical in Lille due to the implementation of rent control (…) The announcement of the first rate hikes of loan interest strong incentive for creditworthy buyers to act now. ”


Thus in Bordeaux, prices rose 2% in January. This is the largest increase at Strasbourg (+ 1.5%), Nantes (+ 1.3%) and Paris (+ 1%). Only Lyon (- 0.2%) and Lille (- 0.8%) recorded a decline in prices in January.

“According to our estimates, the rate should not rise too sharply on the year 2017 and are expected to remain below the 2% or 2.5%” MeilleursAgents analysis. Far from the 1.3% still negotiable few weeks ago, however …

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