France Televisions have obtained the rights for the Olympic Games in 2022, 2024

Olympic Games 2024 and 2022: France Televisions Obtains the Rights for Broadcast

The France Television group has obtained the exclusive rights for audiovisual rights in the clear and live of the Summer Olympic games 2024 in Paris and those of winter in 2022 in Tokyo. To watch the Olympics , it will be France Télévisions . The public service has obtained the unencrypted broadcasting rights of Summer Olympics 2024 in Paris , announced Monday, […]

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Paris finally gets confirmation of the Olympics 2024

Olympics 2024: Paris Finally Takes “its” Games

After a century of waiting and failures, Paris finally triumph in winning the 2024 Olympic Games Wednesday at the 131st IOC Session in Lima.  Meanwhile, Los Angeles inherited the 2028 Olympics, after a unanimous show of hands who reserved more suspense since July validation of the principle of this double attribution. This victory is one of […]

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The Olympic Games 2024 from Paris could be broadcast on TF1

Olympic Games 2024: TF1 in the Battle for Broadcasting Rights?

Absent since 1996 and the Atlanta Olympic Games, TF1 could again broadcast the Olympic games in 2024. This is certainly what was suggested by the Deputy Director General of the chain, Ara Aprikian “we look as we look at all major events “. TF1, which has broadcast more Olympics for twenty years, could try to […]

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Los Angeles leaves the 2024 Olympic games in Paris

Olympic Games: Los Angeles leaves the 2024 Olympics in Paris

Los Angeles has confirmed an agreement with the IOC to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2028. Paris is assured to organize the Olympic Games 2024. The French capital will host the Summer Olympics for the first time in 100 years! Los Angeles would host the 2028 Summer Olympics for the third time in its history […]

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Paris will not be a candidate for 2028 Olympics if it does not win 2024 bid

2024 Olympics: Whatever Happens, the city of Paris will not be Candidate for 2028

SPORT:  Paris hope to do it for 2024 … “Paris is not a candidate for 2028.” Étienne Thobois, CEO of the Committee Paris’s bid for the Olympics in 2024, does not beat around the bush. Although the IOC launched the possibility of applying for a double award, the French capital has closed the door. Twice […]

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Paris starts the campaign to host the 2024 Olympic Games

Olympic Games: LA and Paris Open to the World, Budapest Waits

This Friday marks the start of the campaign set by the IOC to host the Olympic Games in 2024. Paris and Los Angeles (United States) will launch their communication strategy, Budapest (Hungary) will have to wait a referendum before deciding. Los Angeles and Paris, candidate cities for the 2024 Olympics, are preparing to leave their […]

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