The Program of the 30th Telethon 2016 this Weekend in Mayenne

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The tour of Mayenne cantons for the 2016 Telethon

On the occasion of the 30th edition of the Telethon, the Department of Mayenne rallies between Friday and Sunday 4th December. Here, below, all activities for which the volunteers will be welcome. Some events are free, others pay at the Telethon.

Telethon 2016 program this weekend in Mayenne


Saturday, 3rd December, at 4 pm, Lavandières room. Judo offers a show in the Telethon. This scenic judo show is spectacular and humorous, it will delight the smallest to the largest. Free. Contact: 06 64 96 06 82, [email protected]


Saturday, 3rd December, at 4.30pm. Concert Kick-theater chorus additional Ursuline. Price € 15, children € 8. Reservation: 06 80 02 05 12.


Sunday, 4th December, go to the bakery at 10am. Two courses offered in running. Participation € 2 at the Telethon. hot drinks and pastries offered on arrival. Organization Huisserie Jogging.


Sunday, 4th December, dining Pleiades. Organised by the Team ATV Louverné, Louverné running and Evi’danse. VTT starting at 9: 30 am; departure of riders (5 and 10 km) at 9 am 15; Pedestrian departure (10 km) at 9.30 am; Zumba party from 10.30 am till 11.30 am. Mulled wine and hot chocolate on arrival. Helmets are mandatory for ATV. Price € 4.


Sunday, 4th December. On the stand, roasted chestnuts Lions club Mayenne opportunity to bring his old laptop that will be recycled at the Telethon, and his old glasses, which will be sorted, repaired and sent to the poorest populations of the Third countries world. On the Christmas market.


Saturday, 3rd December: selling pancakes, mulled wine, Christmas trees, and weighing basket. At 2 pm, Paul Garry room, Belote for all. Sunday, December 4th, 10 am: running stage for children and adults, hot chocolate and balloons for children, instead of Blacksmiths.


Saturday, December 3rd, 10 am to 12 pm, with hiking and sports retreat GRS, from the sports hall at 10 am; 8 pm Gala GRS to the sports hall. The benefits of this day will be donated in full to the AFM Telethon. Price hike crepe + 1 + 1 drink, 3 € adults, 2 € children.


Saturday, 3rd December. Selling roses. The volunteers of the Race of Hope will be present for their 31st year of participation in the telethon. 9 am to 8 pm, instead of Europe. Price € 1, the rose. Sunday, 4th December. Hiking 8km at the Telethon, organized by the family association recreation and culture. Circuit line LGV / Raffray. hot drink on arrival. Contact: A. Jouannic 06 12 71 06 18 or F. Halouse 06 79 30 29 11 or JM Brault 06 34 98 76 99. 2 pm sports area Bernard-the-Godais.


Saturday, 3rd December, organized for the first time by the animation committee. 9.30 am, hiking; 1.30pm, baptism antique cars; to 2 pm Country demo telethon logo illuminated by selling bulbs, challenge soup 3637; 4.30 pm, balloon, horseback riding, Christmas market, catering. Parking hall. Price paid activities for the benefit of the telethon. Contact: 02 43 02 58 72, 06 34 42 57 52, [email protected]

These appointments are consistent with those announced by the organizers with Intermediate our Infolocale platform (read below cons). To go further, check the official website of the Telethon

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