Normandy: Orange Alert for Snow and Ice

Local News
Normandy is on orange alert for snow and ice on Thursday, March 1st.

WEATHER FORECAST: This Thursday, across Normandy, Meteo France has placed the department on orange alert for snow and ice.  Caution on the roads …

As far as the weather is concerned, this first day of March is not going to be under the best auspices. Like many other French regions, Normandy is indeed placed on orange alert for snow and ice by Meteo France.

Suffice to say that the sky will be cloudy, at least until mid afternoon, mostly cloudy being supposed to dominate then.

Conversely the situation should improve a little on the front of the temperatures that will gain a few degrees. Meteo France announces temperatures starting at minus 3 degrees  first thing in the morning (against minus 9 degrees yesterday morning) and up to 4 degrees at the best of the day.

The great cold wave will still be present, because of a strong wind that will continue until tonight with gusts that could still reach 40 km/h.

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