Jean-Jacques Goldman has left France for London


Jean-Jacques Goldman has discreetly left France to settle in London for at least two years. He left with his wife and youngest daughter, and joined his three other girls, enrolled in a French school in the British capital.

Jean-Jacques Goldman is discreet in France for years, striving to preserve their privacy.  Reflecting on his move on the sly at Enfoirés this year, the singer decided to leave France to settle in London (England), said Wednesday the magazine VSD .

The artist, who recently celebrated his 65th birthday, now lives with his wife and youngest daughter in a suburban house, rented for two years. He joined at the same time his three other daughters, Maya, and Kimi Rose, who have been enrolled since September in a French school in the British capital.

Cravings elsewhere?

“His decision was carefully considered. The couple had also begun looking since last spring at the house they now occupy. I am not surprised to learn that he lives in England. And I think few people know him as this guy apart in our industry, ” told a producer who preferred anonymity.

Jean-Jacques Goldman has long lived in Plan-de-Cuques, in Bouches-du-Rhône. A favorite of French personalities


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