Cuba: Fidel Castro Dies, Aged 90

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Fidel Castro, the leader of the revolution in Cuba has died aged 90

The father of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, has died after leading his country for 50 years …

Fidel Castro, the “Lider Maximo” has died at the age of 90 years. ” The Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution died at 10.29pm on Friday night ,” Raul Castro announced on national television. ” The organization of the funeral tribute that will be given will be specified” later, he said in this short speech ended with a thunderous: “Until victory, always! ” ( “Hasta la victoria, siempre “), the anthem of the well known Commander.

“In accordance with the will expressed by comrade Fidel, his remains will be cremated in the early hours” of Saturday, said the current Cuban president on television. Fidel Castro, who held the island with an iron hand since the 1959 revolution and defied the American superpower for more than half a century, had ceded power to his brother Raul from 2006 after intestinal bleeding.

A page turns to Cuba

Fidel Castro had abandoned in April 2011, his last official responsibilities, yielding his position as first secretary of the Communist party of Cuba (PCC) Raul, number two of the party since its foundation in 1965.

The former Cuban president had totally disappeared from Cuban screens between February 2014 and April 2015, which had fueled many rumors about his health.  But for a year and a half, although his movement remained limited, he had begun to publish “reflections” and had begun to receive well known figures and foreign dignitaries.

His death, which comes just two years after the announcement of the historic rapprochement between Cuba and the United States finally comes to turn the page of the cold war, which led the world to the brink of nuclear war during the crisis of October 1962 missiles.

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