Nantes: Jean-Michel Jarre at the Zenith on November 29

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Jean-Michel Jarre will be in Nantes on the 29th November as part of his Electronica Tour

Jean-Michel Jarre had disappeared from the music scene for seven years, now he returns with his world tour and is in nantes on 29th November …

He had disappeared from circulation for seven years. He comes on stage, presenting his new show, from the double ‘Electronica’ album. A two-hour show, “3D without glasses”, it promises to be rich in surprises.  The date for this concert is the 29 th November, at the Zenith in Nantes.

We will combine music fully with your eyes!  Sound, light … “I want to radiate everywhere in this beautiful  Zenith Hall in Nantes, whether you are sitting in front of me, behind or on the side!”  On Tuesday 29th November, the electronic music composer Jean-Michel Jarre will give everything for his big comeback, after seven years of absence.

It has took him five years to actually save his double Electronica Album, consisting of tens of duets, including Tangerine Dream, Air, Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode), Moby … Mixing the new generation and the old ” meet the artists, was close to my heart for years “ .

Moreover, “when I started to approach people with whom I wanted to work, they all said yes to me.

Even Edward Snowden. An unlikely partnership has made a lot about the artist at the time of the album’s release.

For fans and for those who know little, they will discover a show “sharp technologically, musically in tune with what is done today”.  All in an explosive atmosphere … We ask to see!

Concert details: Tuesday, November 29 , at the Zenith de Nantes, ZAC Ar Mor, Zenith Boulevard in Saint-Herblain. Rates: 56.50 to 106 €. There are still places!


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