Mayenne: A Child Passes Under a 4×4, in Parking Area

Local News
An enfant rolled under the 4x4 vehicle, in the car park in Mayenne

On Thursday, August 18th, at 3.30pm a child was hit by a car that was manoeuvring in the parking lot of the company Securitest. He escaped with scratches.

On Thursday, August 18th, at 3.30pm, a motorist manoeuvring at a slow speed in the parking lot of the Mayenne Securitest company, had not seen a child of three, squatting on the floor playing with some pebbles.

The boy, a resident of Fontaine-Daniel, luckily rolled under the vehicle, a 4×4.

Transported to the hospital in Mayenne, he escaped with just a few scratches on his forehead and knees.

The driver, aged in his fifties, is originally from England.

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