Lucky Luke Returns in a new Comic Book titled “The Promised Land”

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A new Lucky Luke is to be released entitled La Terre Promise, The Promised Land

Lucky Luke, the fastest Cowboy in the West will be entitled to a new book on November 4 …

Fans will have to wait until November 4 before discovering the New Adventures of Lucky Luke.

In La terre promise (The Promised Land),  according to Le Point, it will be this time the mission to bring a Jewish family, the parents of his sidekick Jack-the-Whammy of Eastern Europe into the great American West. This would not have dared confess to his family that he was indeed cowboy and not a lawyer in New York.

Morris draftsman of the work was taken after his death by Achdé in 2001 (drawings) and Jul 2015 (the scenario). This is the first time the author of Silex and the Cityparticipates in an album of Lucky Luke , on RTL , he said about the new comic: “There was a singularly absent community of all albums. This is the Jewish community. ”

Meanwhile, Dargaud Editions published a video wait for the fans. The latest album Lucky Luke was a success with 270,000 copies sold.

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