Catholic teaching more than 100,000 students in the Loire Atlantique

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Over 100,000 students will be taught at Catholic Establishments in the Loire Atlantique

The bar is crossed. The 350 schools, colleges and Catholic high schools will receive 100,123 students. Thursday, August 25, it was the return of the directors on the theme of “openness to others”.

Catholic establishments in the Loire-Atlantique is about to receive 100,123 students in schools, colleges and high schools. Total enrollment increased to cross the symbolic 100 000.  An increase primarily due to demographic reasons. The pressure is especially high schools. ” Some institutions have established waiting lists” , notes the diocesan director Herve Bonamy. This push is also felt in the audience.

The directors of these schools, colleges (including thirty-seven new) gathered yesterday around the James Bishop and Diocesan Director for their return. They worked on the theme ” Openness to others, from local to international ” .

Security side, Herve Bonamy, director of Catholic education, called on directors of public institutions “in culture of positive vigilance” , without lapsing into psychosis.

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