Hubert Mounier, the Singer of L’Affaire Louis’ Trio, Died

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Hubert Mounier, singer and founder of L'Affaire Louis' Trio has died

DEATH: singer and founder of L’Affaire Louis’ Trio has died of a heart attack at the age of 53 …

Benjamin Biolay is the first to have confirmed the death of Hubert Mounier, singer and founder of L’Affaire Louis’ Trio, paying tribute to him on Instagram: “My friend.My big brother. My song teacher. I will miss you terribly, genius. I love you.”

Also cartoonist, he died Monday morning of a heart attack, said his lawyer and friend Stephane Loisy told AFP. He was 53 years old.

Victoire de la musique 1987

Hubert Mounier, then known under the name of Boris Cleet, Acree in 1982 the group L’Affaire Louis Trio in Lyon, with his brother Vincent (aka Karl Niagara) and François Lebleu (Bronco Junior). Bananas on the head and colorful costumes, the group had 80 dance to the rhythm of pop to Latin accents, with hits like Chacun de son côté , Mobilis in Mobile  or album Chic planet , male varieties revelation Victoires music, 1987.

After the band split in 1997, Hubert Mounier began a solo career with three albums made with Benjamin Biolay. Disk exploring the disenchantment, the spleen, solitude, away from the carefree world of L’Affaire Louis’ Trio.

The singer was also a cartoonist and author of several comics, including the latest,the home of gingerbread , was released in 2006 by Dupuis. He was preparing for two years a comic devoted to Tarzan.

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