#NuitDebout: The Prefecture of Police of Paris makes an Order ‘Limiting the Duration of the Activities’

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Night Rally motion standing on the Republic Square in Paris, April 22, 2016 - Elliott VERDIER AFPrefure of Police have imposed limits on the #NuitDebout protests in paris

The police headquarters in Paris issued a decree to limit the gathering from 10pm on Monday until 7am tomorrow morning …

The Prefecture of Police (PP) raises its voice. In the aftermath of the clashes on the 1st May and the usual gathering of the citizen movement #NuitDebout in place de la Republique – interrupted after numerous incidents – the PP took off “further limiting the duration of the gathering activities,” it says in a statement released this afternoon.

No alcohol and music from 10pm

So, it is prohibited from Monday, 5pm to 7am Tuesday 3rd May, “the possession and transport on public roads of the items that may constitute a weapon (…) or can be used as projectile presenting a danger for the safety of people, especially glass bottles. ” But also the consumption and sale of alcohol. Then, from 10pm, “the distribution of music and sounds by all means sound and processions made from the place of the Republic” are also prohibited. 

In the same statement, the PP, said that it “strongly condemns the repeated degradation and recurrent attacks committed against the security forces in these gatherings and ensure strict compliance with the new provisions, aimed at ensuring peace public. ”

Sunday night, two people were arrested for “insult and rebellion”. The day before, two young 22 and 30 years were sentenced to six and eight months in prison for violence against police in Paris, in incidents Thursday during the mobilization against the labour law and margin #NuitDebout.

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