Carcassonne: A Soldier of 22 Years Committed Suicide in his Barracks

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A young soldier has committed suicide at his barracks in Carcassonne

A young soldier of a paratrooper regiment committed suicide with his service weapon on the night of Saturday to Sunday in Carcassonne …

The Laperrine barracks Carcassonne was the scene of a tragedy, in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

A soldier from the 3rd Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment, aged 22, committed suicide with his service weapon while he had taken his shift, reports The Independent .

internal inquiry

The body of the young “para” 3rd RPIMa was discovered by other soldiers. Called to the scene, as the gendarmes who conducted the initial findings, relief have done anything.

An internal investigation was opened to try to understand the conditions and reasons for such a gesture.

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