Saint-Dolay: Wind Farm, Unfavorable Opinion of the Investigator

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The commissioner report for the wind farm at Saint -Dolay is not favourable

The findings of the public inquiry in Saint-Dolay are negative. The inquiry commissioner has recorded ten wind farms within a radius of 20 km.

Following the public inquiry conducted from December 22 2015 to January 22, 2016 concerning the operation of a wind farm of four wind turbines in the municipality of Saint-Dolay, the Commissioner investigator Brigitte Boucly, has just given an unfavorable opinion in the conclusion of a report of 196 pages.

Saturation of the landscape

“Given the degree of saturation of the landscape, the project’s impact on the emblematic landscapes, its sound impact and its potential impact on birds, I issue an unfavourable opinion on the draft submitted by the wind farm company of Saint-Dolay. ”

Ten nearby parks

Enough is enough, says the Commissioner investigator who recognizes ten wind farms within a radius of 20 km around the project, many of them being visible concomitantly. ” I consider the saturation of landscapes is largely reached and the industry can not support a new wind farm. ” The Commissioner said that the county charter identifies the Morbihan Saint-Dolay sector as unfavorable industry or prohibit the construction of wind turbines.

Sound impacts

If the Commissioner recognizes that optimization plans recommended by the operating company expected to comply with the regulatory noise level of 35 decibels (dB), noise probably exist for residents nearby exceeding the emergence advocated by 5 dB during the day and 3 dB at night. “This is not acceptable . ”

Fauna and flora

The impact on flora and fauna in the wind construction area is considered very low in view of the measures proposed by the proponent. By cons with the nearby marshes of Brière, the estuary of the Vilaine and Breteche forest Commissioner considers that the project will worsen migratory fauna conditions causing collision risks.

Economic Benefits

The Commissioner believes the investigation as information to the public took place in a satisfactory manner for a project of production of 27 GWh to reduce energy dependency of Britain whose economic benefits are estimated at € 112 800 per year, divided between the commune, the department and the region with the creation of three full-time jobs.

Prefect’s decision

The file must now be reviewed by the departmental committee landscape, nature, sites before the final decision taken by the prefect in the coming month.

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