Charente: BD Festival, a Smurf in the Streets of Angoulême

Local News
Smurfs are in the streets of Angoulême for the weekend for the BD festival

They landed! The Smurfs tumble in town of Angoulême for three days.

The little blue smurfs created 60 years ago by Peyo will be celebrated in the streets of Angouleme whole weekend.

The merchants of the Old cobblestones Association prepared a series of animations. With Editions du Lombard, they collected sixty white Smurfs and Smurf gold. Customers to unearth until Sunday while browsing at participating stores Plateau.

Not one grumpy smurf chocolatier Duceau, the place of the Town Hall has drawn up a tribe of cocoa figures that will be presented to representatives of IMPS, the company that manages the interests of blue creatures worldwide and enabled these cool animations.

Search also, according to the city walks, night illuminations Smurfs on the facades of the neighbourhood, and Smurfette ride in the gallery of the Champ de Mars Saturday. It will also Louvel at 11am on Saturday. Not to be missed for those who want a souvenir photo!

On Sunday, it will be a monster rally with balloon release at 3.30pm on the square Magelis cellars and a children’s parade in the City with four giant Smurfs. 

Smurfingly well!

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