A Mysterious Fireball Crossed the Sky in the South of France

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A mysterious fireball lights up the sky in the South of France

Surprised, the people of southern France sighted on Wednesday night the passage of a “fireball” in the sky.

The sky of southern France was crossed by a strange “fireball” Wednesday around 6.20 pm. On Twitter, the testimony of spectators flocked phenomenon, sharing their surprise.






According to the newspaper Le Dauphiné , the phenomenon has been observed in “several departments (…) throughout the south of France” . And “three impacts have affected the department of Isère” . In an amateur video, we see the space of a moment the flying object illuminated the sky. 


A possible “meteor shower”In testimonies collected by the newspaper, readers evoke “a green ball with a trail, a beam” or“a long trail of fire after a big white ball that exploded”To explain the appearance, the prefect of the Isere has advanced the hypothesis of a “meteorite rain” on his Twitter account.

First, as explained in the Dauphiné, the trail of a passage of the International Space Station (ISS) above locations had been considered. But, at 6.18pm, it flew over the Pacific Ocean.

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