Notre-Dame-des-Landes: New Anti-Airport Protest Saturday in the City Centre

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A new mobilization against the project was announced for Saturday, 23rd January in the city centre of Nantes

AIRPORT Opponents organize a new demonstration against the planned evictions and Saturday in the streets of Nantes this time.  The event is peaceful …

After the great demonstration on the ring road of January 9 and snail operations that followed, coordination of opponents of the airport project Notre-Dame-des-Landes called to participate in a new militant action tomorrow in the central town streets of Nantes this time. The organizers announce a “medley traveling and solidarity chain”.

Protesters are asked to meet at  Daviais Square at noon and will travel to the down town to the square of the Duchess Anne around 4.30pm. The objective is to once again denounce the legal proceedings initiated against evictions of fifteen inhabitants and farmers at Notre-Dame-des-Landes. The high court of Nantes shall deliver its judgment Monday.

Fear overflows

This event already worries many traders and residents of the city centre.  They still remember the damage and spillage occurred during anti-airport protests in February and autumn 2014.

“This is a new provocation of opponents who refuse the application of the democratic and judicial decisions is intolerable protests Mustière Alain, President ofWings for the  ‘West, pro-airport association. I ask the prefect take all measures toavoid the city center of Nantes will make the object of a rampage. ”

The organizers promise “a serene stroll”

Aware of the challenge facing the worries of some Nantais, the organizers “reaffirm their commitment to a controlled event” and “serene.” “Our intention for this Saturday is not to make a digital competition with previous rallies, they claim. We clearly limit our appeal to people who are within the framework we have set, that is to say, a serene and determined wandering between different points of the city, on sidewalks and pedestrian areas. ”

It is estimated that between 7,000 and 20,000 people demonstrated against the airport project and evictions on the 9th January on the Nantes ring road.  Nearly 3,000 activists had gathered a few days later in front of the courthouse.

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