A Motorist Speeding at 208 km/h instead of 110 km/h in Jans

Local News
A vehicle was caught speeding at 208 km/h at Jans, north of Nantes on Saturday.

A business leader has been caught speeding by the Gendarmes at 208 km/h over the weekend on the N137 to Jans, north of Nantes.

Driving his Renault Megane RS, a motorist was caught speeding at 208 km/h on the N137 to Jans, just north of Nantes over the weekend on Saturday.  He was travelling on this road which links Nantes to Rennes and has a speed limit of 110 km/h.  He was caught speeding by the gendarmes of the rapid response team, who were also in a Megane RS, and  intercepted the driver.

The driver told the gendarmes that he wanted to “catch up with friends who were ahead of him on the road.” 

His car was immobilized and impounded. His driver’s license was also suspended for at least six months.

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