Nantes: An Elderly Motorist Assaulted after Small Collision

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An 80 year motorist was assaulted after a small colision

An 80 year motorist was assaulted after a small colision

A man aged 83 has received several blows to the head on Sunday …

It all started with a slight collision.  Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, in Chanoine Poupard-street not far from the road to Rennes, an 83-year-old motorist was attacked by a driver,30 years old.  The old man had accidentally banged into the car behind, after mis-judging the distance in the rear view mirror of the vehicle behind as he was trying to park, police said.

After giving several blows on the glass, the thirty year old began to open the door of the other man. The eighty year old gentleman, tried to defend himself with “a round tip of karcher” but the younger motorist overpowered him and immediately struck him.  The victim was hit three times in the head, before a witness comes to intervene.

The elderly motorist was rushed straight to the emergency ward at the hospital and the man had to get two stitches.  He was released from the hospital earlier this morning.  The custody of the angry motorist, has been extended.

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