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Music in Châteaubriant. Concerts of Callisto at the chateau

Female musical ensemble, callisto, will be singing in Chateaubriant this weekend

All women musical ensemble, Callisto to give a series of concerts at the chateau of Châteaubriant on Saturday 17th and Sunday, October 18th, 2015.

This weekend of Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of October, 2015, the Château de Châteaubriant welcomes its walls to the all female ensemble, Callisto for a series of concerts, 30 minutes each.

The Callisto Ensemble is a female ensemble of Anne-Claire Baconnais (soprano), Margaux Toqué (mezzo-soprano) and Alex de Valera (lute).  Established in 2013 and headed by Elisabeth Baconnais it occurs in varying training from two to fifteen singers, a cappella or accompanied, and explores a repertoire ranging from early music to contemporary times.

It will offer a specially selected program for the concerts in the chateau in Châteaubriant, which evokes the tragic destiny of Françoise de Foix (1495-1537), a young woman of great beauty, fine literate. The songs, ranging from Josquin des Prés in Purcell, evoke the love, beauty, betrayal and pain: the refinement of the Renaissance and Baroque.

Château de Chateaubriant, on Saturday, 17th October at 15h, 16h and 17h; Sunday, 18th October at 15h, 16h and 17h. Duration: 30 minutes. Open to all the public and admission is free.

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